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Operation Of The Owner Bonus Plan

Caicos Beach Club Resort and Marina's goal is to maximize your enjoyment and help you make the very most out of your Ownership. In an effort to meet these goals, we offer our Resort Residence Owners the Owner Bonus Program. Of course, the program is bound by the restrictions as detailed in the the Rules and Regulations, but here are the basics:

  • Each Resort Residence Owner who places their Personal Residence in the Private Lodging Plan will receive, in addition to the net lodging fees, Two Free Bonus Weeks of usage per year in the Resort Residence type purchased with no maintenance fees or use fees due. While the Resort Residence Owner is enjoying these two free weeks, their unit remains in the lodging plan earning money! If the owner desires to stay in a larger Resort Residence during these Two Free Weeks usage, the Resort Residence Owner shall pay the difference between the posted rack rate of the larger Resort Residence and the Resort Residence owned.
  • Once the two free weeks have been used that year and the Owner would like additional usage, the Resort Residence owner may call at any time within 14 days of when they would like to come and if the Resort is less than 70% occupied, the owner may reserve any size unit available with the only charge being a housekeeping fee and a nominal administrative fee. Once again while they are vacationing their Resort Residence is still in the rental program.
  • In addition, if the owner desires to stay additional time during the year (two free weeks have been used), the owner can call at any time without the 14 day and 70% restrictions above and reserve any size Resort Residence available. The Resort Residence Owner shall pay only 50% of the posted rack rate of the Resort Residence size reserved and will still have their Resort Residence in the lodging plan earning revenue.


In fact, not only does the Resort Residence Owner receive the income but they also can have as much usage as they require.

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